1Customer with Type I Diabetes: Christopher, Massachusetts
I am Type 1 diabetic for about 7 years. In addition to mealtime Humalog, I take long-acting Insulin (Lantus) usually around 10pm which lasts 24 hours. Last night at around 7pm, I checked my blood before eating and it was 269. I ate a really bad snack of yoghurt/caramel-covered pretzels, like a lot of them. I took 2 tablets of Sugardown® before eating the pretzels and checked my glucose 30 minutes later and it actually went down to 262. I was curious, so I checked it again after one hour and my level was 281. It should have gone to 400 after a snack like that. I really believe you guys have something here that can help a lot of people.
2Customer on Weight Management Plan: Kyle, Connecticut
I'd like to say it kind of feels like going through the first two weeks of South Beach Diet without changing your diet - with respect to sugar impact or lack thereof. Energy level is much more consistent and not as impacted by meals - highs and lows much less dramatic. I've been sleeping better too - late eating does not have such an impact. At 37 years old - and still used to having a few drinks each day - it’s changing my drinking pattern a bit too - I'm more content with less drinks but also don't feel quite impacted by them.
3Customer with Type II Diabetes: Kristen, California
I had a grilled chicken sandwich and fries. I haven't eaten fries since my diagnosis and I ate all of them. I took 2 Sugardown® tablets just before eating. I tested my fasting blood sugar, which was less than 9 hours and it was 103! Before Sugardown®, if I ate that late and had a lot of carbs, my morning fasting blood sugar would be in the 120s to 130s, even after a 12 hour fast.
4Pre-diabetic Customer: Carlos, Florida
I have noticed after 10 days of taking 4-6 tablets/day of Sugardown® that my digestion is much better as well as overall improvement of my intestinal functions. I highly recommend Sugardown® product to everybody, even if you do not have a high sugar problem.
5Customer with Type II Diabetes: Pimol, New Hampshire
I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes a couple of years ago. I try to stay with natural alternatives to drugs, so I kind of reject taking Metformin which was prescribed to me. As a result, my sugar is not under control, so I tried Sugardown®. The berry flavor is really good ... kind of like a fruity candy so it's easy for me to take 1 tablet before each meal. It helps keep my after-meal glucose around 160-180. Usually it goes up to the low 300's after meals without drugs.
6Relative of person with Type II Diabetes: Jackie, New York
My father has Type II diabetes and has a very difficult time managing his sugar level. His blood sugar level is usually around 140-160 before eating and goes up quickly to 350-380 after a meal. Before lunch last week his blood sugar level was 168. He took 1 and 1/2 tablets of Sugardown® and 60 minutes after eating his blood sugar level was 174. He has been taking Sugardown® for 3 months and it has the same effect every time. Thank you for your amazing product!sumption.
7Customer with Pre-Diabetes: Edward, New York
Last night after taking one tablet of Sugardown® 15 minutes before dinner, my 2-hr post-meal blood sugar level was 100, the lowest post-meal level I've had. And this was after eating at a restaurant, eating about 20 more grams of carbs than I'm supposed to have at a meal. I'll need another bottle of Sugardown® before my trip next month!
8Customer on Weight Management Plan: Juan Antonio, San Jose
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am so thankful to have Sugardown® in my life. I will be taking Sugardown® every day! Thanks Ken for the holiday special and quick shipping!
9Pre-diabetic Customer: Caroline, Sioux Falls
So far so good, except I'm out of Sugardown®. I placed an order a few days ago. Hope it gets here soon. Just saw my doctor yesterday and got my test results. 107 fasting, 5.7% A1c. My doctor is happy and said I only need to come back in 6 months instead of 3 since my diagnosis. Sugardown® has made me feel more normal. I don't consider myself a "full-blown" diabetic anymore, just may be a borderline case.
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