Sugardown® Has Demonstrated Reduction In After-Meal Blood Sugar Level By Up To 60%
Effect Of Excessive Blood Sugar On Human Body

The Sugardown® Way
- Inhibits Carbohydrate Hydrolyzing Enzyme (CHEs) To Regulate After-Meal Dietary Sugar Absorption –
How Sugardown® Works
Sugardown® works to lower the rise in post-meal blood glucose by inhibiting the breakdown of ingested sugar by CHEs, thereby allowing less sugar (glucose) to be absorbed (up to 60%) from the small intestine and into the blood. The patented formulation of Sugardown® may also induce satiety, thereby facilitating portion control as a secondary benefit.

Sugardown® has been shown in clinical studies to help reduce post-meal elevation of blood sugar levels by up to 60%
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Managing blood sugar levels is one key to maintaining optimum health and body weight, especially for those at risk of diabetes or pre-diabetes. Galactomannans are a group of complex polysaccharide derived from plants that have been shown to possess significant activity in moderating post-meal blood glucose levels.
Sugardown® Is One Of Your Health Choices
- Sugardown® May Prevent or Reverse Pre-Diabetic Population From Becoming Diabetics –
Every day we absorb sugar from our diet and we are dependent on the secretion of insulin to maintain normal blood glucose levels. Although excessive sugar intake does not directly cause diabetes, it affects the secretion of insulin hence greatly increases the chance of developing diabetes.
Too much sugar intake may lower our immunity. Too much sugar may create an acidic body constitution which is conducive to the development of cancers.
Cardiovascular Diseases
Too much sugar intake may cause blood lipid (triglyceride) to rise, resulting in high blood lipid level, leading to the development of cardiovascular disease.
Kidney diseases - cancer - septicemia - cardiovascular diseases - strokes - dementia - external causes - diabetes - lower respiratory tract diseases - pulmonary diseases