About Us

Boston Therapeutics, Inc. ((BTI) is an innovator of novel therapies and diagnostics for unmet medical needs.

Our missions at BTI is to innovate and discover new technologies, and through patent, IP and clinical development, to obtain marketing authorization for worldwide commercialization and application.

Headquartered in Boston-area, MA, BTI has various operating centers worldwide including China supported by an experienced team of scientists, clinicians, regulatory affairs and business specialists.

The main area of development that BTI has dedicated its efforts is Metabolic Syndrome. BTI aims to launch in the coming 3 years 2-3 preventive and therapeutic products of enhanced efficacy to provide better patient care, targeting major markets including US and China where Metabolic Syndrome is preponderant, its social burden significant and the unmet medical challenges the greatest.

Sugardown® is a registered trademark of Boston Therapeutics Inc.