Dietary Supplement Supports Healthy Blood Sugar and Weight Loss

FDA-Registered Functional Claims: 

• Can support normal blood sugar levels 
• Supports weight management 
• Promotes a healthy digestive system

*SugarDown® Blocks Sugar and Carbs, Supporting your 
Healthy Weight and Blood Sugar Plan.  
"More Choices"  
I use SugarDown as part of my "Low Carb" lifestyle. In general, I eat very few carbs, getting them mostly from vegetables, dairy & nuts. I allow myself to indulge a bit on the weekends - SugarDown helps me maintain this lifestyle".
Kim, NH
The Benefits of Sugardown®
• Enjoy foods without as much worry  
• Less cravings for sugar and carbs
• Feel more energy after meals
• Satisfied with smaller portions
• Feel full longer
• Better digestive health

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How it Works  
Sugardown® lowers the glycemic index of carbohydrate foods and sugary drinks.  Sugardown's enzyme blocking power helps block the breakdown of carbs into sugar, reducing sugar spikes and crashes.  

Start Your Healthy Lifestyle Journey 
with SugarDown®